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Here a couple jews are dressed up for their celebration of purim in israel.

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Information about Purim.

And they gained relief on the fourteenthmaking it a day of feasting and gladness.Esther 9:17.

When the King got rid of his wife in favour of a new oneEstherHaman expected her cousin Mordecai to bow down to him.

The primary commandment related to Purim is to hear the reading of the book of EstherThe book of Esther is commonly known as the Megillahwhich means scrollAlthough there are five books of Jewish scripture that are properly referred to as megillahsEstherRuthEcclesiastesSongof Songsand Lamentationsthis is the one people usually mean when they speak of The MegillahIt is customary to boohissstamp feet and rattle gragersnoisemakerswhenever the name of Haman is mentioned in the serviceThe purpose of this custom is toblot out the name of Haman

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many don t realize that the invasion of iraq in 2003 was interestingly announced by george bush during purim that year.

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