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Gout is a metabolic disorder which is characterized by hyperuricemia and resultant deposition of monosodium urate in the tissuesparticularly the joints and kidneysThe etiology of this hyperuricemia is the overproduction of uric acid in relation to the patient’s ability to excrete itIf progressive deposition of urates is to be arrested or reversedit is necessary to reduce the serum uric acid level below the saturation point to suppress urate precipitation.

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The clearance of oxipurinol is increased by uricosuric drugsand as a consequencethe addition of a uricosuric agent reduces to some degree the inhibition of xanthine oxidase by oxipurinol and increases to some degree the urinary excretion of uric acidIn practicethe net effect of such combined therapy may be useful in some patients in achieving minimum serum uric acid levels provided the total urinary uric acid load does not exceed the competence of the patient’s renal function.

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